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John “BooDreaux” Baumann John was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where he spent most of his free time primarily fishing ponds and lakes in the area until his mid teens when his fishing began to expand to other areas of the state, from Toledo Bend to the Atchafalaya Basin, the oxbow lakes off the Mississippi River to the marshes along the Louisiana coast, and going out brackish and blue water fishing out of arguably one of the finest areas is the world, Venice Louisiana. He has been fishing continuously for over 40 years in many parts of the country.

John, long before being known as “BooDreaux” began his outdoor radio career in 1994 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on small 5000 Watt AM station WIBR at the urging of owner Don Nelson.   John was then serving on the Board of Directors of Louisiana Bass Hatchery formed after the devastation of the bass fishery by the effects of Hurricane Andrew.  The focus of the group was to restore, by the cultivating of Florida Bass to repopulate the Atchafalaya Basin and other areas after the massive fish kill, estimated to be in excess of 10 million fish.
The show  titled, Louisiana Outdoor Report which aired on Friday afternoons,  after a successful year the show then moved to the number one country/western station in the state, WYNK FM, where it ran for 2 years on Sunday mornings from 5a to 7a.

In 1998, John moved to Central Florida where he hosted “Bubba and BooDreaux’s Adventures in the Big Backyard” on 540 AM on Saturdays,  moving to 740 AM  where the show aired on Thursday afternoons along with co-host Clay Townsend as “The Sportsman’s Almanac” from early 1999 through early 2000. The show then was picked up by WHTQ 96.5 FM on Sunday mornings where it aired until the end of 2001 after the devastating effects of the tragedy of 9/11.

Beginning in August of 2006 BooDreaux’s BoonDocques:  Florida Fishing and Hunting Adventures began airing on 740 the Team and remained there until the opportunity came to move to ESPN Radio which began in October of 2007, every Saturday morning.

He is also the host of the “Reel Outdoor’s with BooDreaux” TV show which is a Bright House Networks of Central Florida production.

BooDreaux is also the author of “Cajun-Creole Seafood Delights” cookbook and the creator of BooDreaux’s Cajun Rocket Fuel Hot Sauce.

Captain Mike Ortego
Captain Mike Ortego is the Florida Fisherman, and brings to the show an extensive knowledge of inshore and nearshore fisherman. During the summer, Captain Mike takes anglers fishing in the Florida Keys, where he grew up. The rest of the season, Captain Mike fishes Mosquito Lagoon, Indian River and nearshore fishing in Cape Canaveral.

Captain Mike is the inventor of TackleWebs Suspension Storage System and a huge part of Fishing Florida Radio. He is a fishing guide during the week, father and great husband, and also enjoys giving back to the community. Captain Mike was the main reason why Fishing Florida Radio held it's first annual Kids Fishing Festival with Devereux.

Check out Captain Mike The Florida Fisherman here.

Steve Chapman
Steve was born and raised in Michigan, where he spent many summers in Algonac. He would get up early, ride his bike to pick up bait (worms) and then fish for Perch at the end of the dock that belonged to neighbors. His father, David Chapman, also enjoyed fishing, and the two would go fishing for Bass, Walleye and anything that would hit his bait when he was younger.

Around the age of 16, Steve's family moved to Central Florida and a couple years later the fishing bug hit him in full force. He went from fishing retention ponds in Lake Mary for Bass, to wading many of the inshore waters on the East Coast. Steve's passion for fishing led him to taking private fly fishing lessons from renowned fly fisherman, Jon Cave. In the last several years, Steve has been fly fishing out West numerous times, the Florida Keys to many times to count, North Georgia, British Columbia, and learning the Mosquito Lagoon and Indian River in his 16' Waterman. Steve believes in CPR. (Catch, Photo and Release)

Steve's graphic design is seen on many fishing guides sites all over the country, and does advertisements, web sites and many other things for numerous marine related companies. He will also be the first person to tell you where he thinks you should try fishing, either on a boat, or wading. His knowledge of the area, and it's fishing is extensive.

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